Rebels In Rebellion

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It is our pleasure to present to you our action movie REBELS IN REBELLION, starring Nkem Owoh, Ngozi Nwosu, Charles Inogie, Grace Amah, Chika Okpala, Sam Sonny & Don Barber. The movie will open here on;

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REBELS IN REBELLION is a moving story based on an event during the Nigeria Civil War. It is a true story on how power could be misapplied by little minded people with authority they never envisaged ever having. The people who suffer most by the consequences of the atrocities of these power drunken minions in any war situations are the young girls and the vulnerable ones. We hope that watching this movie will inspire our audience to denounce any conflict that may degenerate to war situation.


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                DON BARBER                                        SAM SONNY

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